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28th Apr 2023

Woman prepares second meal for husband after he refuses to eat dinner

Steve Hopkins

‘Raising a picky man child’

A woman has horrified people on social media after revealing that she makes her husband an entirely different meal if he doesn’t like the first option she prepares.

Brianna posted a video on TikTok showing herself making a tray of nachos for her beloved, with the song ‘Mother’ by Meghan Trainor playing.

A caption over the clip reads: “My husband didn’t eat the dinner that I made… So let’s make him some nachos.”

As the clip continues and Brianna is seen putting the pub-favourite in the oven, the text continues: “If I don’t feed him, he literally won’t eat. This used to irritate me. Now I just blame his mother for never making him try salmon.”

The video ends with Brianna presenting her husband, who is waiting patiently on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, with the hot food.

The post ends with a lesson of sorts, with Brianna writing: “Moral of the story: always serve your kids alllll [sic] the food, even if they say they don’t like it after the first time. 25 years from now your child’s spouse will thank you.”

More than 1.4m people have watched the clip in TikTok. It has also been shared on Twitter.

Viewers on both platforms could not believe what they were seeing.

One person asked: “Girl why didn’t he make the nachos himself ?”

Another wrote: “I hope you are joking. My husband could eat air.”

A third commented: “If my man refused to eat a dinner I made him, I’d never cook for him again.”


Moral of the story: always serve your kids allllll the food, even if they say they dont like it after the first time. 25 years from now your child’s spouse will thank you. 😉 #momsoftiktok #momtok #momlife #workingmom #sahm #marriedlife #marriage #marriagehumor #wifelife #wivesoftiktok #happywifehappylife #pickyeater #pickyhusband #nachosfordinner #wivesoftiktok #cuisinartairfryer #humpday #guesswhatdayitis🐪 #guesswhatdayitis #eattherainbow

♬ Mother – Meghan Trainor

Another referenced a scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and said: “Sorry. My inner Beast would come out, ‘Then go ahead and starve!”

The term man-baby came up, with some suggesting Brianna’s husband’s refusal to eat what he had been served was similar to have children behave: “She’s married to a toddler,” one person wrote, while another added: “That feeling when you’re married to a literal four-year-old.”

Brianna brushed it all off, and in a follow-up video, responded to a comment that said: “The man’s own hairline didn’t stick by him, but you did.”

It showed her taking a bowl of Marconi and cheese to her partner as he lay on the sofa, watching something on his iPad.

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