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08th Nov 2023

Woman divides internet after date reveals he can’t afford the bill

Joseph Loftus

‘I can pay for some of it’

A woman has divided the internet after sharing a video of her on an apparent date in which the “date” confesses he can’t afford the bill at the end of dinner.

The video, which was shared by Winta Zesu, appears to be a reenactment of an actual date (as much of Zesu’s content is), however many have still been left perplexed by the video’s message.

In the video, the anonymous date can be heard asking the waiter: “Um boss why is the bill 97.90?” The waiter then says: “Cause the food is that much, the drinks, and you got the service charge.”

Winta, can be seen looking less than impressed, as the man asks: “Do you mind um… Well… I’m not sure if I can buy it. It’s too much yeah. It’s quite expensive.”

As Winta shakes her head, the date asks: “Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to afford it. Is there a possibility that… I mean… She can go and I’ll go wash the dishes at the back?”

The waiter then says that he will have to ask his manager.

The date adds: “I can pay for some of it on my card but I don’t know if I can pay for the rest. Then maybe you can do cleaning after?

“I don’t mind dishes. I think that makes sense because um yeah, I don’t think I can afford this.”

The waiter then disappears to go ask the manager while Winta appears to be somewhat infuriated by the awkward discussion.

On Instagram many people leapt to the man’s defence, with one writing: “Sumone clain this man already. Hes a provider. He would rather wash the dishes n humble himself while being honest about not being able to afford but disnt evn ask her to pay. The woman is disappointing tho. Shaking her head in discomfort while filming this entire thing? You carried two phones to a date instead of cash?”

Another wrote: “It’s not about money at this point it’s about poor judgment and planning. Signs of a man who cannot be trusted to lead.”

A third commented: “I would’ve paid the whole thing and never go on a date with him again to save us both the embarrassment.”

While a fourth noted: “Sooooo.. she broke too. She didn’t offer once to help and that speaks to her character more than anything. Everything doesn’t need to be recorded. I hope he’s actually a billionaire who was testing her and he sees this. This is sad.”

What’s your take?

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