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25th Apr 2018

How do you get banned from Facebook? Site reveals there are six things

Okay then

Jade Hayden

Ever wanted to get banned from Facebook?

Of course you haven’t, that would be stupid, that’s where all your mates are.

Chances are though, you’ve probably thought about leaving it once or twice over the past while.

With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the constant changes to the app that nobody asked for, and Mark Zuckerberg being a genuine alien, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of people aren’t too pushed with keeping their accounts active.

Still though, there’s a difference between choosing not to use the website and actually being kicked off it.

Facebook had never publicly published a list of things that can get you banned from the site so people were pretty much in the dark about what exactly not to do to keep their profiles active.

Until now.

Yesterday, the site shared their six things that can get you banned from Facebook.

remove from your Facebook account

They fall under different headings and some of them overlap, but most of them are about making Facebook a ‘safe’ and authentic place for its users.

This is them.

1. Violence and criminal behaviour 

Facebook differentiates between casual violent statements and threats that could actually cause harm.

The site lists the following examples of posts that could cause a person to be banned:

  • Terrorist activity
  • Organized hate
  • Mass or serial murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organized violence or criminal activity.
  • Regulated goods.

2. Safety

Facebook says they want to keep its users safe from violent behaviour, whether inflicted on other people or by the person themselves.

It’s for this reason they will ban people for sharing posts relating to self harm or suicide, for bullying another user, or harassment.

Facebook also removes all child pornography, pornography, and all nude images in general.

3. Objectionable content 

This can be anything from hate speech to nudity to graphic content.

Essentially anything that could be seen as cruel, insensitive, or offensive.

4. Integrity and authenticity 

Facebook will ban people or users if they’re sharing spam, fake news, or pretending to be someone or a business that they’re not.

5. Intellectual property

Facebook says it won’t let users post content that doesn’t belong to them, so if something is under copyright, you can’t share it.

Similarly, Facebook says that anything you post is still your own and is not owned by the company.

6. Content 

Facebook will ban you if you’re not over the age of 13, as the company deems this too young to have an account.

As well as this, an account can also be removed if request by the user, or if the user has died and a family member requests that the page be deleted.