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09th Mar 2022

Russian troops stuck in 40-mile convoy could freeze to death in ‘metal tanks’

Kieran Galpin


Temperatures could hit -20C

Russian soldiers holed up in “metal tanks” in a 40-mile military convoy could freeze to death as the weather in Ukraine takes an even colder turn.

While already facing sub-zero freezes at night, a cold snap heading to Ukraine could make an already intense situation dramatically worse. Temperatures are expected to drop to around -10C over the next few days, with it expected to reach -20C at the lowest point. Snow is all but guaranteed.


Around 19 miles from central Kyiv, Russian soldiers will be faced with vile temperatures as their vehicles essentially become moving refrigerators.

Glen Grant, a senior defence expert at the Baltic Security Foundation, told Newsweek that the soldiers would be forced to flee if they don’t keep moving.

“A metal tank is just a fridge at night if you are not running the engine,” he said. He also argued that Russian troops “won’t wait, they will get out, start walking to the forest, and give themselves up” so they don’t freeze.

He added: “You just can’t sit around and wait because if you are in the vehicle you are waiting to be killed. They are not stupid.”

However the convoy doesn’t look to be moving, which was confirmed by US defence officials. One official said: “There does not appear to be any significant movement along the Russian axes.”

This could be due to dwindling supplies, fuel issues, mechanical problems or confirmation from officials further up the Russian food chain. Regardless of the reason, they will have to move soon or face the blistering cold embrace of snowfall.

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