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06th Oct 2021

Met Office confirms snow is likely in weeks as Britain heads into winter

Kieran Galpin


Snow means we’re one step closer to Christmas

Christmas is coming sooner than you think this year, as the Met Office has confirmed that within the next few weeks the UK could be blanketed with 2021’s first snowfall.

The weather wizards at the Met Office have said that a “colder period” should begin soon and the northern reaches of the UK could see snow by the end of October.

“We’re likely to see some snowy weather in higher parts as October moves into November,” said meteorologist Greg Dewhurst.

“Likely areas to be affected are the Scottish mountains as well as higher ground in northern England and northern Wales.

But it’s sad news for those of you not living on a mountain as you will have to wait a little longer to build a snowman.

“Low areas are unlikely to see any. It’s quite normal for this time of year,” Dewhurst confirmed.

The forecast adds: “Moving forward, wider dry spells are likely across the country, with the risk of overnight fog which will clear by day.

“Through this period temperatures will remain near or above average.

“There is a chance of a colder settled period becoming established by early November.”

Last week scientists warned that the world is not ready for a cataclysmic event that may be on the way. They were talking about an enormous solar storm, the likes of which haven’t been seen for over a hundred years.

Dr. Jeffrey Love, a geophysicist in the Geomagnetism Program of the US Geological Survey (USGS), told The Independent: “If you happen to have a power grid to flow across an electrically resistive geological structure, the current can’t flow very well through this part of the Earth. So, it takes the path of least resistance, which is through the power grid.

“So it ends up kind of short-circuiting this, and you get currents in your power grid system, which are unwanted or uncontrolled.

“And since the power grid system is all about controlling currents, and managing them, and basically, having alternating currents at a particular frequency, in this scenario, there is quasi-direct current flowing in a system designed for alternating current.”

Doesn’t sound good, does it?

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