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23rd Sep 2021

People are convinced the ‘worst cold ever’ is currently going around

Danny Jones

Has the UK got the 'worst cold ever'?

Amidst the Covid climate, it seems many have forgotten people still get regular colds

It seems that a hefty bout of cold and flu-like symptoms are spreading across the UK, as people on social media are describing recent ailments as the “worst cold” they’ve ever had in their lives.

As we limped out of summer and slowly edged into autumn, the weather in Britain has obviously turned colder and with it comes the usual coughs and colds you’d expect. However, this flu seems to be completely flooring people.

Many people are obviously being quick to assure people that their symptoms are definitely not Covid related as they have recently tested negative.

However, plenty more have been just as quick to point out that cold and flu viruses didn’t just suddenly cease to exist once coronavirus came along.

Moreover, many people have pointed towards the very obvious reasons why people could be once again getting ill. Covid restrictions are more relaxed than they’ve been since pre-pandemic times and people aren’t so wary of washing their hands anymore. Meanwhile, masks aren’t compulsory at the moment either – not to mention the annual return of Freshers’ Flu now students are back.

We’ve all spent the best part of the last two years in lockdown, so it’s no wonder going back out into the world and mixing with other people – and their germs (sometimes it’s unavoidable folks) – may have caught our immense systems off guard.

That being said, there’s no need to panic: if you’re concerned you might have Covid, simply do a quick lateral flow test and beyond that, a PCR test. If it turns out you don’t have it, then great – we all get the odd sniffles and chesty cough from time to time – get some Lemsip down you and hopefully you can at least enjoying calling in sick.

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