Weather reporter’s dog walks on screen during live broadcast 11 months ago

Weather reporter’s dog walks on screen during live broadcast

The weather has never been more interesting

A weather reporter in Canada had to battle for the attention of his viewers when his dog appeared on the screen after wondering in front of his home green screen.


Global News Meteorologist Anthony Farnell was updating Canadians on the weather and the incoming danger of Hurricane Ida when an unexpected guest made an appearance.

As viewers at home heard of the possible danger imposed by the storm, the face of Farnell's Goldendoodle appeared on screen to lighten the mood.


Storm the Weather Dog, yes that's his real name, was unfazed by his owner's job or the serious meteorological conditions he was discussing.

The graphic then changed to show the temperatures across Canada. The previously grounded pooch was then thrust into the air and floated next to San Francisco-  which is set to be 30 degrees by the way.

Farnell then tried in vain to move his pup away from the screen, laughing: "Storm, move!"

"Yes, Storm is in the building getting some treats," he continued, presumably giving up on attempting to move the dog.


The network has since put the video on Youtube, garnering over half a million views. The caption reads:

"For any longtime viewers of Global Toronto, weatherman Anthony Farnell's reliable weather forecasts have become an institution... almost as much as his adorable pup, 'Storm the Weather Dog.'

"Last Friday, a hungry-for-treats Storm invaded the set in the middle of Anthony's weather report, demanding treats even as Farnell was explaining to Ontarians what weather they would be facing that weekend, and discussed the dangers posed by Hurricane Ida further south.


"Both consummate professionals, Anthony finished his segment without a hitch while Storm sated his hunger (and mugged a bit for the camera)... all in a day's work!

"You can watch Anthony, Storm, and the rest of the Global Toronto team weekdays at 5:30 and 6:00 eastern time, only on Global!"

If you are needing more Storm in your life, he has his very own Facebook page.

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