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25th Mar 2015

UFC machine Ronda Rousey says she could beat Muhammed Ali’s daughter…at boxing

This fight needs to happen...

Ben Kenyon

This would be the ultimate fight.

The greatest female MMA fighter in the world and undefeated boxing champion Laila Ali.

Well, if this fighting talk is anything to go by – it could actually happen.

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Hard-as-nails UFC star Ronda Rousey says she could give Muhammed Ali’s daughter a sound beating in the ring. The champion armbar specialist said she would need to learn the ropes (geddit?)

Ali recently said nobody could beat her – not even Rousey. But the UFC’s femme fatale said she would crush the champ at her own game.

If there is a God, JOE is asking very nicely to please make this fight happen.