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30th Sep 2017

Trump insults Mayor of San Juan after she pleads for help “to save us from dying”

"This is a mayday."

Rory Cashin

“We are dying here.”

In the shadow of the recent devastating hurricane season in the area, U.S. territory Puerto Rico has been left practically completely destroyed, with running water, access to food and any type of communication completely dismantled for the majority of the island’s population.

On Friday night, Carmen Yulin Cruz, the Mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan, made a heartfelt, incredibly powerful speech, asking for aid for her home and her people:

On Saturday morning, this was Donald Trump’s response:

People have taken real issue with this, as images have shown Mayor Cruz absolutely in the thick of it in Puerto Rico, attempting to help as many people as she personally can, while also dealing with the landmark crisis that her island is attempting to deal with, as she shows herself in her measured response to Trump’s tweet attack:

Meanwhile, Trump is reportedly at a country club playing golf for the weekend, which would apparently make it his 62nd golf-trip since his inauguration: