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30th Sep 2022

Wild transformation of wanted criminal whose mugshot has gone viral

April Curtin

Jaimes Sutton with tattoo ink all over his face and "BEAST" tattooed on his forehead (Image: NSW Police)

Shouldn’t be too difficult to track down with those tats

When police released images of a wanted man, they quickly went viral.

But, not because he was the next ‘hot felon’. Jaimes Sutton has a fully tattooed face with the word, ‘beast’ inked across his forehead.

The 24-year-old is being sought on an outstanding warrant after being released on bail over domestic violence and property damage charges.

That got people interested in Sutton’s backstory and pictures have since emerged from his Facebook page of him before he decided to colour-in his face. And they show just had dramatic his makeover has been.

On Wednesday, police officers in New South Wales, Australia, released images of Sutton in a bid to help locate him.

But people were more interested in the dad-of-two’s tattoos.

And then, what he looked like beforehand. Quite different, it turns out.

Sutton’s face was ink-free in 2014, but by 2018, that started to change. Tribal tattoos covered his cheeks and he had his forehead tatt.

Since then, Sutton has seemingly coloured around his tattoos, leaving only a skin-moustache visible.

Sutton is no stranger to the justice system, with a criminal record eight years long, Daily Mail reports.

A couple of weeks ago, Sutton was due to face Deniliquin Local Court on three counts of driving with a disqualified licence, and one count of driving under the influence of drugs.

He pleaded guilty to all four charges in June, and though he failed to turn up to his sentencing in September, Sutton was left with a $900 fine and a year-long driving licence suspension.

In the same month, Sutton made another appearance in the same court, where he pleaded not guilty to one count of common assault and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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