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19th Jul 2022

This Morning viewers slam ‘dangerous’ heatwave advice given out by guest

Steve Hopkins

Brits don’t like hearing from anyone downplaying the heatwave

It’s not only the heatwave that’s leaving Brits hot under the collar.

This Morning viewers were left fuming after one guest on Monday’s show downplayed the emergency weather warnings in place as the UK looks set to break the hottest day record on Tuesday.

Hosts Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond were joined by Gyles Brandreth and Camilla Tominey to discuss the latest news headlines and naturally the conversation soon turned to the weather.

Hammond described the weather as “unbelievable” and went on to describe how the UK is hotter than the Sahara Desert, Kingston Jamaica and Malaga. She then asked: “I wanna know do you think the infrastructure is actually in place for us here?”

Journalist Camilla Tominey replied: “Probably not. There was somebody from the railways on the radio this morning saying the railways are only really prepared for 35 degrees, so anything above… and this morning we’ve all had travel chaos.

“And then you think, ‘come on, it’s just a bit (of) weather’. I mean if you’re in somewhere like Abu Dhabi or Dubai, it’s like this for weeks and weeks and weeks throughout the summer.”

Tominey did concede, however, that those countries are better prepared for those conditions and are “all kitted out”.

“I think our problem at home is that we don’t have air con, we’re not prepared for this.

“But with temperatures rising, maybe we’re gonna have to recalibrate because maybe we’re gonna get more long, hot summers the way this is going,” she continued.

Dermot then joked how the weather is set to change in two day, before Tominey continued: “But also we don’t need these sorts of warnings when we go on our holidays do we? If you go on holiday, to say Dubai, be sensible, take some water, wear a hat, well we know this stuff!”

Some This Morning viewers were not impressed, the Mirror reported.

One person wrote: “@thismorning Please tell this woman to learn advice before preaching it. It’s not all about the temperature, it’s the whole picture, the humidity too. This is what makes it so dangerous #ThisMorning.”

Another tweeted: “#ThisMorning imagine taking advice from Camila Tominey.” A third person posted: “@thismorning please stop inviting Camila to tlk about the news, she’s not only under qualified, she’s also giving dangerous advice. Please listen to experts! #ThisMorning.”

Jeremy Clarkson also faced a backlash this week after sending out a tweet dismissive of the heatwave that was branded “exceptionally stupid” and “insensitive”.

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