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15th Nov 2015

The internet mocks Sky News’ Kay Burley for bizarre Paris dog tweet (Video)


Nooruddean Choudry

The heartbreaking terrorist attacks on Paris are of course a deeply emotive subject.

Most people were – and continue to be – deeply moved by the devastation and needless loss of human life that took place on Friday evening, and generally the media coverage has been respectful and nuanced.

But there’s always a point at which genuine sentiment and heartfelt emotion morphs into cynical manipulation and crocodile tear territory.

Kay Burley is not known for her natural empathy. Instead she is renowned for her relentless and often inconsiderate style of reporting.

More than once she has been slammed for her ghoulish and unsympathetic hunt for a story, regularly accosting grieving relatives and shocked bystanders.

So it was jarring to her tweet the following image on Twitter on Sunday morning…

Many found the tweet disingenuous and opportunistic – a calculated ploy to cynically tap into a shared sense of grief. Rather than seeming remotely genuine, it was received as mawkish and a bit disrespectful.

And so, as is the way on Twitter, those irked by Burley’s perceived faux sadness decided to mock her mercilessly. And did so to brilliant effect.

(Please note that the target of the humour aren’t the tragic events, but rather Kay Burley for feigning empathy using a sad looking dog…)