Kyle Rittenhouse reveals the university he's attending - the school says otherwise 2 months ago

Kyle Rittenhouse reveals the university he's attending - the school says otherwise

Despite making the claim on Friday, the university says no admission has been processed

Despite Kyle Rittenhouse announcing that he would be attending university this year, the school he claims to be going to says that no place has been offered.


Speaking on US conservative radio show and podcast "The Charlie Kirk Show,” Rittenhouse claimed he we would be attending Texas A&M University, donning an official branded cap to mark his so-called announcement.

After being introduced by the right-wing host, the now-19-year-old said, “I’m going to be going there. It’s going to be awesome”. But regardless of what the teen says about his educational future, the university itself has issued a statement confirming that no such admission has been granted.

Texas A&M deny Kyle Rittenhouse has been accepted to their university Credit: Rittenhouse on "The Charlie Kirk Show" on Friday, June 3

Following an assurance via the school's own newspaper, A&M spokesperson Kelly Brown told NBC News “He has not been admitted as a student this summer or fall”.

Moreover, this is not the first time he has falsely stated he will be attending a school; back in 2021 he revealed he would be enrolling in a nursing course at Arizona State University, only for it to be revealed shortly after that he never even completed an application.

Regardless, Rittenhouse went on to claim during the broadcast: "It’s going to be an amazing experience where I can go and finally get an education,” he said. “Over the past six months, I’ve been out having fun, living my life being a free man. Now it's time to go and get an education, get good grades, and be successful in life." He might need to get accepted first.


The Illinois teen was found not guilty last year after fatally shooting two men and injuring a third during the Kenosha unrest of 2020 when he was just 17. The verdict itself sparked further outrage in the city and across the nation.

Since avoiding murder charges, he has gone on to become somewhat of a poster boy for far-right and pro-second amendment movements and is said to be suing numerous individuals who called him a "killer" and a "white supremacist" via an organisation called the Media Accountability Project.


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