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31st May 2022

Comedian crashes NRA event and goes viral with sarcastic ‘thoughts and prayers’ routine

Kieran Galpin

Wayne LaPierre NRA

Their faces were blank

National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre seemed completely unaware that a comedian at his recent conference was mercilessly trolling him and his “thoughts and prayers” for the Texas massacre victims.

Following the horrific mass shooting in Texas that killed 21 people – 19 of whom were kids – the NRA held a conference at which firearms were banned.

The irony was seemingly missed on them though. In attendance were Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, known on social media as The Good Liars – a comedy duo famed for their unique approach to political coverage.

You may recognise the men from TikTok, where they regularly troll right-wing supporters at various rallies across the US. However, Selvig and Stiefler were after a big fish on Saturday, having managed to snag some speaking time at the conference.

“I am sick and tired of the left-wing media and frankly, people in this room today, spreading misinformation about Wayne LaPierre,” Selvig said.

“Whenever there’s a mass shooting, they all say that Wayne LaPierre isn’t doing enough to stop these mass shootings and even implying that LaPierre has played a part in making it easier for these shooters to get guns, to get weapons.”

He continued: “You heard it after Las Vegas. You heard it after Pulse nightclub in Orlando. You heard it after Columbine. You heard it after Parkland. You heard it after Virginia Tech. You heard it after Sandy Hook. You heard it after El Paso. You heard it after Buffalo.”

Selvig continued to state that “under Wayne LaPierre’s leadership”, the NRA had provided “thoughts and prayers to the victims.”

“And maybe these mass shootings would stop happening if we all thought a little bit more, and we prayed a little bit more,” he added. “So I’m asking everyone in this room to think, to pray.

“Give your thoughts and your prayers, and your thoughts and your prayers, and your prayers and your thoughts, and if we give enough of these thoughts and these prayers, these mass shootings will stop.”

The video has seen an enormous amount of attention online, where one fan wrote: “Hysterical!!! LaPierre looks completely perplexed.”

“Trumpers are so dumb they don’t recognize when they’re being mocked,” another said.

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