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31st May 2023

Teacher sacked over Facebook post after kids threatened to rape wife and murder his family


The teacher had threatened to get the police involved

A primary school teacher has been sacked over a Facebook post he made after kids threatened to murder and rape his family.

Michael Flynn allegedly broke the school’s social media policy by making the social media post after two different incidents involving a group of youngsters at his assisted-living home.

On 23 May the group tried to take a bicycle from the front garden.

The 52-year-old’s wife Angela, a former US police officer, says she asked them to leave before one of them threatened to stab her and bring people who would rape her and murder the family.

Flynn, who missed the confrontation because he was sleeping through a diabetic episode, put a post on Facebook in the hope the boys’ parents to get in touch.

The post read: “Four kids tried to steal a pushbike from my front garden. When challenged they were verbally abusive and threatening to my wife.

“A chase ensued, one kid lost his shoes in the conflict. If this is your son, you may want to contact me before I contact the police.

“Twydall is a small place and I will find him sooner or later.

“So, if you want to sort this out calmly, I suggest the parents PM me or I will sort this out my way.”

The next day the same group returned to his property, in Gillingham, Kent, with a large rock and appeared to ready themselves to throw it before Flynn looked out and they ran off.

Flynn claims he was dismissed by Twydall Primary School the following day over safeguarding concerns.

His 22-year teaching career is now at risk and he has been forced to look for temporary driving work to support his disabled step daughter.

“I have stolen nothing and I’ve threatened no one. I am the victim of a crime, yet I am being punished,” Flynn, who has taught around the world, once tutoring the Mexican president’s children, said.

He is now concerned his sacking means he will likely never be able to return to the profession: “I loved teaching and this is certainly not the way I wanted to end my career.”

A school spokesman said: “The wellbeing of our pupils is our priority and we take our responsibilities to safeguard children extremely seriously.

“We cannot discuss individual cases but incidents brought to our attention are fully investigated and acted upon in line with our policies and procedures, which align with Department for Education guidance.”

Asked whether he thought he’d gone too far with his Facebook post, Flynn said: “Adrenalin was running a little high. I had just been woken by my wife telling me someone had threatened to rape her.

“I wish I had worded it a bit differently but I don’t regret looking out for my community.”

His former Louisiana-based police officer wife stays at home to care for her 20-year-old daughter, Alexis, who needs 24-hour care after she was paralysed from the neck down in a diving accident four years ago.

She said: “I have to be here 24/7 to help my daughter and I’m petrified. Those kids said they were going to come back with people who were going to kill my family and rape me.”

She added: “If they had thrown that rock through the window, Alexis would not have even been able to raise her hands to stop it hitting her.”

The couple say vulnerable neighbours in the assisted-living community are also worried about anti-social behaviour in the area.

Flynn added: “People are frightened to go out in their garden and lay down at night in their beds not knowing that everything they have worked for is safe.

“They are being held hostage by these delinquents.”

Police have confirmed officers are investigating the abuse levelled at Angela Flynn.

She added: “The children need to know there are repercussions for their actions. If they don’t get a handle on it now, while these kids are young, it is just going to get worse.

“We have a responsibility as a community to ensure they do have repercussions so they can grow into functional adults. “Every jail cell in America is filled with murderers who started out stealing a piece of gum.”

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