Subway customers boycott company because Megan Rapinoe appeared in their adverts 3 months ago

Subway customers boycott company because Megan Rapinoe appeared in their adverts

Critics are once more describing Rapinoe as 'anti-American.'

Subway customers in the USA are boycotting the fast-food store because Megan Rapinoe features in a new advert for the chain.


Branches across the country have reportedly received angry letters and messages on social media after the footballer appeared in a series of adverts for the company.

Rapinoe has won two World Cups for the US women's football team, along with a gold and bronze medal at the Olympics, and appears in the ad alongside other American sporting legends Serena Williams, Tom Brady and Steph Curry.

But as is always the case with Rapinoe, the mere mention of her name has riled up the anti-woke brigade into a furious rage over her supposedly 'anti-American' beliefs.

Business Insider reports that one Subway branch found a note on its front door saying: "Boycott Subway until Subway fires the anti-American."

Some branch managers are reportedly unhappy with Rapinoe's appearance in the advert as well, with one commenting: "By knowingly hiring a flashpoint personality to represent the brand with our money, the franchisor has failed."


And of course, the usual Twitter mob of Republicans and Trump supporters has been whipped into a furore by this as well.

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Conservative author Brigitte Gabriel wrote that "patriots" won't eat at Subway until they drop Rapinoe from the ads, whilst Trump-endorsed writer Nick Adams encouraged people to "RT if you won't eat @SUBWAY until they FIRE America hating Megan Rapinoe."


Now, what this lot mean when they say 'anti-American' and 'America hating' is that Rapinoe is outspoken politically, and was a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his administration.

In 2019 during the Women's World Cup, she said that she wouldn't go to the White House if they won the tournament in protest against Donald Trump's presidency. She is also a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and taking the knee.

In recent weeks, Trump has continued to be critical of her and her team, putting a shock defeat to Sweden in the US's opening Olympics match down to the 'wokeism' in the team.


Despite the anger though, Subway have defended her inclusion in the advertising campaign. The company's senior director of brand communications told USA Today: "Megan is one of several athletes and celebrities Subway partners with, but they are not the official company spokesperson."

Meanwhile a veteran franchisee of Subway said: "If there is negative pressure, it is not hurting much. I think we need a broad spectrum of spokespeople that appeal to different groups."