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27th Aug 2015

Streetfighting Irish tourist brilliantly taunts mob he fought off in 17-man Turkish brawl (Video)

Not one single s**t was given by this guy...

Ben Kenyon

It’s 2-0 to the fighting Irish holidaymaker.

It looked like he won Round 1 – just – after he took a beating from a 17-strong mob of blokes outside a Turkish shop… and still came out swinging.

We’re not even joking – they were hitting him with chairs and baseball bats outside a shop in Istanbul in scenes that looked like Street Fighter.

But now Irish-Kuwaiti Mohammed Fadel Dobbous has been on Turkish TV sticking the boot in again on the guys who attacked him.

Mohammed, who is was a professional boxer, was on the country’s Show TV where he said they “messed with the wrong man”.

Despite having his arm in a sling after the scrap, he defiantly said: “They should fight like men, you don’t have to come at me with weapons. Come at me with your hands.”

Not one single s**t given by this guy.

Here’s some brilliant Irish TV commentary on the unholy fracas…