Stop what you're doing and watch the fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer 5 years ago

Stop what you're doing and watch the fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer

We having a feast soon, my brothers...

Seven very bad characters.


One amazing open world.

Rockstar released the very first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 on Thursday afternoon, and while they didn't show us much, it was more than enough to put the game right at the top of our most-wanted list for next year

There's not a whole lot to work with here; it was short and sweet. We got some very pretty country vistas, some wildlife, some guns and seven cowboys who look like they're on a bit of a mission.


There's no dialogue between characters on show, but a man says in a gravelly voiceover: "Listen to me. When the time comes, you've got to run and don't look back. This is over."

The trailer didn't give much away in terms of setting or time period either, but we imagine that will all become clear in the next few months.


Hype around the game's reveal trailer has been skyrocketing since the title was confirmed earlier this week, and while there's bound to be a few people that found it slightly anticlimactic, it's great to just know it's happening. We've all been waiting a long time for this.

The first Red Dead Redemption is regarded as one of the greatest games of the past 10 years, if not all time (the ending is certainly in a league of its own), and hopefully Red Dead Redemption 2  takes all that and blows it out of the water.

We cannot wait. Autumn 2017 cannot come soon enough.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Now, what about a Redemption remaster eh Rockstar?


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