Spain agrees to launch trial for four-day working week 1 year ago

Spain agrees to launch trial for four-day working week

Many see a four-day work week as the future

The Spanish government has agreed to launch a pilot project for companies interested in the idea of a four-day working week, according to the Guardian.


Earlier in the year, left-wing Spanish party Más País announced the government had accepted its proposal to test out the idea.

Iñigo Errejón of the party wrote on Twitter then: "With the four-day work week (32 hours), we’re launching into the real debate of our times.

"It’s an idea whose time has come.”


Now, the paper reports that talks have since been held, with the next meeting about the plan expected to take place in the coming weeks.

While the exact details of the pilot will be discussed by the Spanish government, Más País proposed a three-year, €50 million project that would allow companies to trial reduced hours with minimal risk.

It is estimated that the pilot could get under way as soon as autumn.

Spain will be the first country to undertake a four-day work week trial of this size, while support for the concept grows around the world.


Supporters of the four-day work week model say employees being better rested leads to increased productivity and more committed, happy workers.

Less time spent in work is also believed to be better for the environment as workers will leave a smaller carbon footprint and would allow parents looking after children to more effectively balance work and family responsibilities.