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03rd Mar 2024

Singer leaves litter boxes in venue toilets for people who identify as animals

Ryan Price

The gender-defying artist has created a lot of controversy online by posting their bathroom protests on TikTok.

US singer Dorian Electra has received a lot of attention on TikTok for posting videos whereby they install litter boxes in pubic restrooms while on tour in order to be inclusive towards people who identify as animals.

The performer has a largely queer fanbase and is currently travelling across the United States on their Fan Fare tour.

Late last month, Electra posted a video on TikTok announcing that they would be “providing litter boxes in the bathrooms for all animal-identifying concert-goers on my tour.”

They added: “Now that’s inclusivity in action.”

The video shows the Texas-born singer crossing out a sign that reads “all gender restrooms” and replacing the word gender with the word species.

They then entered the room and placed a litter box on the floor next to the toilet. They also revealed in a later video posted to the site that they will attempt to clean all the litter boxes after each show aswell.

Most people think Dorian is just joking with the video, with the artist even creating a T-shirt with the message: “I used the litter box in the gender-neutral bathroom at the Dorian Electra concert.”

Electra’s initial video about the litter boxes has ignited a firestorm of jokes on TikTok, garnering nearly two million views within a week. While many viewers are finding the situation hilarious, others aren’t too happy with them.

“You realize how this meme mocks and spreads misinformation about Therians, right?” one user wrote.

“This is not inclusive,” another argued. “This is just wrong, you’re literally feeding into their mental illnesses.”

Other commenters claimed that the litter box could actually be a useful strategy for fans with service animals.

One things for sure, Dorian’s new restroom rules certainly haven’t deterred any of their own fans from coming to see them on stage, with one commenting that they would happily wear ‘diapers’ to the show just to see the singer perform.

It’s been a few days now since Electra’s last update regarding their new regime, so we’ll have to wait and see if this litter box revolution continues.

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