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21st Sep 2022

Sick scammers pretend to be the Queen in most unconvincing con you’ve ever seen

April Curtin

‘Hey, it’s me Queen Elizabeth, I am not dead’

Fraudsters are trying to trick people out of money… by pretending the Queen isn’t really dead.

A screenshot posted on Twitter by the account UberFacts showed exactly how the scammers went going about it.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Queen Elizabeth II died, and several days since her funeral.

Despite this, someone has created an Instagram account under the handle @queenelizabet._3, in a bid to get themselves some cash.

And the story they use is really quite something.

Sending a DM on Instagram, the fraudster wrote: “Hey, it’s me Queen Elizabeth, I am not dead, Charles sent me to a deserted island so he could be King. I don’t have access to my royal money so please cash app me $300 so I can get back to the UK”.

Convincing stuff, as you can see.

To make their story extra convincing, the fraudster even signed off with a message simply stating “tea and biscuits” following by a Union Jack.

You really just couldn’t write it.

Unsurprisingly, the scammer’s attempts got some stick on social media.

“Can’t even make up a good lie,” one critic wrote, “Deserted island with phone and service? And how would you get that money if sent?

“Put some thought into these corny scams. Make it at least worth a laugh cuz u won’t get a dime.”

Another wrote: “They lost the most points for starting it off with “Hey” I mean… QEII has probably never used the word, ever.”

The post still racked up over 30,000 likes. So, clearly was some people’s cup of tea after all.

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