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05th Jul 2018

Sadiq Khan confirms that angry baby Trump blimp can fly over London during his visit

Angry baby Donald Trump blimp is coming home

Carl Kinsella

Maybe he’ll take it as a compliment?

People aren’t exactly thrilled that Donald Trump will be visiting our shores in an official capacity later this year, but at least we have this, at least we have a giant fuck-off blimp to fully showcase our displeasure.

Trump will be in London on a state visit from 13 July, and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has decided that it is in fact permissible for a big blimp depicting Donald Trump as an angry baby in a nappy to fly over the city for that time.

A crowdfunding campaigned raised £16,000 for the Trump blimp, which will begin its flight from Parliament Square Gardens on next week.

There are rules that the Trump baby blimp must abide by, however. It can only fly from Parliament Square Gardens, tethered to the ground, with a floating height of no more than 30m. It’s also only allowed to fly between 9:30am and 11:30am on 13 July, at the same time as the Stop Trump protest.

Khan has recognised that the blimp is a legitimate form of protest.

Now, for the important part: what’s it going to look like?

Brace yourselves.

We think the phone in the hand is a pretty nice touch…

According to the CrowdFunder page, the group has raised far more money than they need to make Trump fly, and now the focus is on starting the Trump baby world tour.