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03rd Mar 2022

Russian soldier loses fight against door

Kieran Galpin

Russian soldiers

Perhaps it was simply a pull door?

Amidst continued conflict in Ukraine, one Russian soldier came face-to-face with his biggest enemy yet – a door. Unfortunately for the soldier, the door was too powerful and he was forced to retreat.

A viral clip showing a Russian soldier struggling with a door has swept through the internet since it was first posted by Yeshiva World news reporter Moshe Schwartz on March 2. The post has since amassed an impressive 11k retweets and 48k likes.

The incident is said to have happened in Kherson, which today fell amid continued Russian assault. Dubbed the “Battle of Techno House”, the one-minute clip shows the soldier attempting to use a door – which we understand can be difficult.

First, the soldier shoots the door, before smashing the glass with his gun and tugging at it. However, the door was too smart and the soldier left empty-handed.

Following the news, a Wikipedia page was created for the “Battle of Techno House” which lists the door as both a military commander and the window as a casualty.

People have been reacting to the viral clip online, with my questioning just how competent Vladimir Putin’s forces are.

“This guy is like a Stormtrooper from Star Wars Episode 4,” wrote one person, alluding to the general incompetency that Storm Troopers and Russian soldiers apparently share.

“I don’t know much about soldiering. But neither does this bloke,” wrote actor Hugh Laurie.

Another said: “Doing a single-man stack, no resistance, broke glass and attempted to unlock from the inside…

“…and walked away after failing.

“Ya know, I had previously thought that going off as a single combatant in a war zone was confined to video games..”

Amid the fall of Kherson, the mayor has urged citizens to comply with Russian rules which are said to involve a strict curfew, reports the Mail Online.

It’s also believed that Russian soldiers have forbidden vehicles from entering the city besides food or medicine deliveries. Pedestrians have also been instructed to walk in a single file line and stop when told to by Russian forces.

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