Reporter oblivious as giant inflatable penis gatecrashes live show 2 months ago

Reporter oblivious as giant inflatable penis gatecrashes live show

So many questions...

In a moment not too dissimilar to the on-air antics that often happen here in the UK, a Spanish news reporter found himself flanked by a tourist carrying an enormous inflatable penis whilst on live telly.


This incredibly embarrassing moment was captured on TVE, a state-owned broadcasting channel in Spain. Journalist Lluis Mestres was reporting on Operation Easter Exit, a max exodus of 14.3 million vehicles on a weekend mini-break - but the spotlight was stolen by arguably a bit of a c**k up.

Standing outside Palma airport in Mallorca, hustling tourists can be seen behind Mestres. As the report continues, you'll struggle to keep your attention on the host as a huge bright pink penis enters the shot.


The two women carrying the impressive inflatable then notice the news reporter and divert their route - but still, considering what they are carrying, both women seem entirely composed as they stroll through the camera shot.

Hopefully, after going viral, the woman will come forward and tell her story. Seriously, we need to know.

On-air blunders and mishaps have always been popular but the top spot will always be the moment Professor Robert Kelly was interrupted during a BBC broadcast by his children and his wife, who hurried in to collect the rugrats.


"... I think one of your children has just walked in," the journalist told Kelly, who swung his chair around to find his daughter. Moments later, his other baby glides into the room in a walker. Kelly handled the whole thing like a pro but still - the video is widely shared on the internet to this day.

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