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03rd Mar 2022

Airbnb host ‘took 2,000 videos and pictures of couples having sex’

Danny Jones

Airbnb host filmed guests having sex

A guest made the startling discovery during a stay in the host’s residence

An Airbnb host in the US has been arrested for taking more than 2,000 images of his guests having sex.

First reported by local news outlet KSAT-12, A Jay Allee, 54, is said to have captured 2,126 videos and pictures of people staying at his cabin in Comfort, Texas, after his guests discovered a hidden camera disguised as the power adaptor for a Wi-Fi router.

Airbnb host A Jay Allee

He was eventually caught in November 2021 and taken into custody by authorities and is set to be tried in Kendall County, Texas.

It is unclear how long Allee was operating – but given there is so much evidence of this Airbnb host filming his guests having sex – it is assumed that his activities were carried out over an extended period.

He is now facing a myriad of charges, including at least four counts of invasive visual recording and 15 counts tied to lawsuits that allege invasion of privacy and causing emotional distress intentionally.

According to the original affidavit, the arrest came after a couple who rented the cabin in July said they felt uncomfortable after Allee reportedly made suggestive comments such as, “Be comfortable, we don’t care if you are in your pj’s or nude.”

The male renter soon found the fake AC/DC adapter after he noticed a reflection on the front and a blue blinking light on the side.

Airbnb host recorded guests having sex in cabin

Disturbingly, the renter also reportedly found a padlock on a “secret door” made to look like a wall – before proceeding to leave swiftly. Investigators seized the hidden camera on July 6 as well as six electronic devices including laptops, an iPad and multiple iPhones.

Lawyers Roger Bresnahan and Bianca Zuniga-Goldwater, who are representing 17 filing charges against the accused said “it’s frightening how many people are victims of this, this intrusion” and that the case resembles “a real-life scary movie”, respectively.

Zuniga-Goldwater also raised concerns about the inadequate vetting processes that an industry-leading company goes through which leads them to advertise “what they thought were these safe… great properties”.

Speaking through his attorney, Allee claims he is innocent of the charges and “looks forward to his day in court”.

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