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13th Aug 2021

The best time of the day to have sex, according to science

Charlie Herbert

This might change how your date night plans…

When we think of love and romance, most of us probably see evening and beyond as the most romantic part of the day. Setting suns, candle-lit dinners, nights of passion…

Well, we may just need to rethink that.

Whilst no one is doubting that the moonlit hours can have a powerful effect on matters of the heart, there is apparently a much better time to head to the bedroom.


That’s right, set your sex alarm for 3pm. 

Forget about making a hot drink, or pondering dinner plans, 3pm is the perfect time to get busy in the bedroom.

That’s according to science. Yes, really.

The science says that whilst men perform better physically in the early to mid-morning, they have a boost of oestrogen in the afternoon, meaning that they can become more emotionally attuned to their partner.

Meanwhile, for women, the mid-afternoon can see a peak in cortisol levels, which results in a boost of energy and alertness.

So just to recap, in the middle of the afternoon men can be a bit more sensitive and women more energetic.

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These claims are backed up by hormone expert Alisa Vitti.

In her book, WomanCode, a book that aims to “educate women about hormone health,” she writes: “While this may not seem like a logical set-up for satisfaction, given the previous endorsement of testosterone, the combination actually makes men more emotionally present during sex and better able to focus on a woman’s needs and satisfaction.”

But if 3pm doesn’t quite do it for you, there are arguments for the morning as well.

Research shows that first thing in the morning is when energy levels are highest (yes, really). Good for the gym, and good for other workouts too.

According to Forza Supplements, sex is best “first thing in the morning because our energy levels are highest and it sets off endorphins in the body which makes us feel good throughout the day.”