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24th Feb 2022

Reporters in Ukraine interrupted by explosions and missiles overhead

Charlie Herbert

Shocking footage is emerging from Ukraine as the Russian invasion begins

News reporters in Kyiv and other areas of Ukraine have been interrupted by explosions as Russian forces make their way through the country.

On Thursday morning, Vladimir Putin announced a “military operation” in the country, warning that the West will “face consequences never encountered in your history” should they attempt to intervene.

Journalists on the ground in Ukraine have been reporting back from the country, with explosions heard in the background and military jets and rockets flying overhead.

CNN senior international correspondent Matthew Chance was reporting from a hotel rooftop in the Ukrainian capital and said he could hear loud booms in the distance.

He said: “The United States has warned the Ukrainian authorities that it is possible that there could be strikes, airstrikes, missile attacks, ground attacks as well, on various places around the country, including on the capital.

“Now I don’t know whether that’s what we’re witnessing now, but it’s a remarkable coincidence that I’m hearing these explosions in Kyiv right now in the minutes after Vladimir Putin gave that speech.”

Just minutes later, Chance then put on his flak jacket and helmet live on air.

ABC News aired footage from during the night of explosions echoing across Kyiv.

Other footage shows a reporter react with shock as a missile flies overhead.

The Spectator and the New York Times have also shared footage on social media of troops entering Ukraine and missiles being fired towards the country from Moldova.

The international community has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, promising tough sanctions against the country.

Just hours before the invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had pleaded with Putin to keep the peace in a speech aired live on television.

“The people of Ukraine and the government of Ukraine want peace,” he said.

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