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20th May 2021

Radio host storms off air after being told he can’t joke about Demi Lovato being non-binary

Claudia McInerney

He made the comments after Demi Lovato opened up about their non-binary gender identity

Matt Siegel, a Boston DJ and radio show host, walked off air during his show after being told that he cannot joke about Demi Lovato’s recent non-binary announcement.

The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer publicly announced that they identify as ‘non-binary’ in a video posted on their social media yesterday.

During their announcement, Lovato said: “I’ll officially be changing my pronouns to they/them”, adding “I feel this best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression.”

Siegel, a host of the Matty in the Morning Show on KISS 108, made some comments about the singer’s announcement and claimed he was ordered to drop the issue by his boss.

As reported by the Boston Herald, the radio host said on air: “They pulled the plug on me and they said, ‘You cannot talk about what you’re talking about.'”

Siegel said: “I like my boss personally. I do. I’m very fond of him, he’s very nice to me. It’s not personal. It’s professional.”

As reported by the Boston Herald, Siegel has hosted his Boston morning show since 1981.

Before walking away from the radio show after the non-binary comments, Siegel told his listeners that he loves them, saying “it’s been a hell of a run”. He added that he believes his run is “coming to an end.”

Siegel said: “I can’t do what I just want to do, which is be a funny comic who tells it like it is about what he’s thinking.”

“So I’m ending my portion of the radio show right now.”

The radio host also made a reference to Demi’s non-binary comments before signing off.

He said the “whole binary thing” is a “joke”, adding: “I don’t care what Demi Lovato does, but now we have to worry about [if] you might offend someone.

“So I basically offended right-wing people, and today I offended left-wing people.”