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18th Nov 2023

Prince William named sexiest bald man of 2023

Joseph Loftus

He’s beat The Rock and Sam Jackson to the top spot.

Prince William has miraculously been named the sexiest bald man in the world, according to a brand new study.

The study, carried out by marketing agency Reboot, looked at how many times a person has been searched for alongside the words, shirtless or naked.

They also looked into celebrities heights, net worths, and how shiny their heads are.

William came out at the very top of the list with a score of 9.88 closely followed by Vin Diesel and Jason Statham.

Samuel L. Jackson found himself in fourth place followed by Amazon mogul, Jeff Bezos, in fifth.

In full, the list goes as follows:

  1. Prince William – 9.88
  2. Vin Diesel – 8.81
  3. Jason Statham – 8.51
  4. Samuel L. Jackson – 7.31
  5. Jeff Bezos – 7.12
  6. Michael Jordan – 7.95
  7. Dwayne Johnson – 6.90
  8. Shemar Moore – 6.75
  9. Shaquille O’Neal – 6.50
  10. Terry Crews – 6.32

Fair play to the Royal, he’s saw off some seriously stiff competition here.

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