Prince Charles' 'secret son' believes his 'eyes and teeth were changed' in cover-up 1 year ago

Prince Charles' 'secret son' believes his 'eyes and teeth were changed' in cover-up

Would it surprise you to hear that he made the claims on This Morning?

A man claiming to be the secret son of Prince Charles and has said that he thinks his eyes and teeth were changed to cover-up his identity.


Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who is 55-years-old and lives in Brisbane, made the bold claims on This Morning. He told Holly and Phil that his adopted grandparents were working in the royal household when he was born in 1966.

Simon went on to make more outlandish statements, stating that he remembers his adopted mum and nan speaking about him when he was child saying that the "visitations need to stop."

Per the Mirror, he told the programme: "I was walking to my nan's [house] when I was about five or six and I heard nan say to mum, 'Well, the visitations have got to stop, he's going to remember them.'


"I walked in the door and said, 'Remember what?' and of course I copped a mouthful for talking out of turn.

"I can remember being taken to a house up in Portsdown Hill.... I went inside and I can remember a lady sitting on the sofa who, in my mind, was about Camilla's age at the time.

"There was a grandfather clock to my right, I was playing on a coffee table with some toys and there was a gentleman dressed in a naval uniform to the right of me in front of the grandfather clock and I can quite clearly remember him saying, 'Well, we're b*****ed now!'"

Simon believes that Charles and Camilla were so worried that that he might be recognised for his appearance, and his secret identity revealed, that they had his teeth and eyes changed.


"I don't think that they had any choice but to do that," he said. "But it was because of the gossip in Portsmouth around the time. In those times, blue and blue made blue. There was never any inquisition about that.

"So my oncologist will tell you that one of my lenses is perfectly round and one of them is oval shaped like a football - a rugby football. So this is why I have a vision problem."

"So something was done to my eyes."

At this point, Phil really couldn't hide his incredulity anymore, and let Simon know that this was quite claim. Phil pointed out that Holly has blue eyes but "she's never made any claims of royal descent."


This Morning had also apparently spoken to a specialist at Moorfield Eye Hospital. They said that they did not know what procedure Simon was referring to (surprise, surprise) and that this would have been very dangerous in the 1970s.

When challenged with the most important hole in Simon's story - that Charles and Camilla did not meet until 1970, a full 5 years before Simon's supposed conception - he simply replied: "So the story goes...."

Well as someone who has ginger hair, I better check out whether I've got Prince Harry connections. Catch me on This Morning next week!