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15th Feb 2023

Police to hold press conference after ‘stained glove’ found near where Nicola Bulley went missing

Jack Peat

The development casts further doubt on the police theory that Nicola fell into the river

Police searching for missing Nicola Bulley are due to hold a press conference today after a major development in the case.

Nicola was last seen walking her cocker spaniel along the River Wyre, Lancashire, at 9.10am on January 27, having earlier dropped her daughters, aged six and nine, at school.

Lancashire Police’s “main working hypothesis” is that she accidentally fell into the river, but no trace has been found of her.

Officials have now been handed a “stained glove” from a field near where she was last seen.

Two walkers found the glove roughly seven miles away from the bench where the 45-year-old mother-of-two’s mobile phone was found.

The authorities took away the blue-coloured ski glove from the scene, though they asserted that the main line of investigation – that Bulley fell into the River Wyre – has not changed, according to Telegraph reports.

Police are expected to hold a press conference later today, as they seek to combat disinformation surrounding her disappearance.

Her partner Paul Ansell has reportedly expressed “frustration” with the progress made in the police search, as the hunt for Bulley enters its third week.

“He’s struggling to get answers that he wants,” forensic expert Peter Faulding was quoted as saying.

The diving expert, who led a three-day Sonar search for the mum alongside cops, says he is now “confident” the 45-year-old is not in the water.

He is now focusing his search on land, insisting he will put his back out to try solve the riddle of her disappearance.

“If someone’s in the woods I will find them”, the dive veteran of 25-years told MailOnline.

“We can cover so much ground in the local area, but people who are often abducted or murdered, generally don’t go that far.”

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