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15th Feb 2023

Diving expert who led river search for Nicola Bulley vows to find her in the woods

Jack Peat

‘If someone is in the woods – I’ll find them’

The diving expert who led the search for Nicola Bulley in the River Wyre has now vowed to find her in the woods.

Peter Faulding, who led a three-day Sonar search for the mum alongside cops, says he is now “confident” the 45-year-old is not in the water.

He is now focusing his search on land, insisting he will put his back out to try solve the riddle of her disappearance.

“If someone’s in the woods I will find them”, the dive veteran of 25-years told MailOnline.

“We can cover so much ground in the local area, but people who are often abducted or murdered, generally don’t go that far.”

The mum-of-two was last seen on January 27 on a riverbank St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, at around 9.10am.

That morning, she dropped her two daughters off at school and joined a work call just after 9am as she walked her dogs.

Despite a 19-day search, police are yet to find any trace of Nicola, from nearby Inskip.

Faulding, CEO of Specialist Group International, warned there are “huge areas” to search for Nicola but promised to “really work hard on this one”.

But in a grim forecast, he told “I’m looking now at possible deposition sites.

“I’m talking to the family and obviously have vast experience finding buried bodies.”

Police have been seen searching a caravan site on Monday near to where Nicola Bulley went missing over two weeks ago.

Officers were today photographed at nearby Wyreside Farm Park caravan site, which is closed to the public until March.

The site is believed to be one of several CCTV ‘blind spots’ identified in the search for Bulley.

A friend, named Tilly-Ann, previously wrote in a Facebook post backed by Bulley’s family: “There’s CCTV at the back of the caravan park.

“The only camera that isn’t working is the one that would have seen everything.”

Police are reportedly widening their investigation to include the day before she went missing. As part of this, they have apparently requested CCTV footage from a local garage that covers one of the exit points from the field where she vanished, the Mirror reports.

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