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19th Aug 2022

Pictures show Angelina Jolie’s alleged injuries ‘sustained during fight with Brad Pitt’

Charlie Herbert

Pictures show Angelina Jolie’s alleged injuries ‘sustained during fight with Brad Pitt’

Jolie is currently suing the FBI to have all documents surrounding the allegations released

Pictures have been revealed of injuries which Angelina Jolie claims she suffered during a fight with Brad Pitt in 2016.

The Maleficent star took photos of bruising to her hand and elbow and filed them to the FBI as part of an investigation into a “verbal and physical fight” between the couple on a private jet in 2016.

Pitt allegedly took Jolie to the back of the plane, grabbed her by the shoulders and shouted “You’re f**king up this family” at her.

In leaked FBI documents detailing the allegations Jolie made against Pitt, she claims that during the fight, one of their children called Pitt a “pr***.”

She then tried to choke Pitt from behind because he looked like he was going to “attack” their child, whose name is redacted in the documents.

Pitt then allegedly threw his body back, causing Jolie to slam into chairs behind them, according to the FBI documents.

This is how she suffered the injuries to her elbow and back, along with a “rug-burn type wound” on her hand, Page Six reports.

Jolie claims she suffered the injuries during a fight with Pitt on a private jet in 2016 (FBI Doc/Page Six)

Later on the same flight, Jolie alleged that he poured beer on her and placed his hands on their son Maddox.

Earlier this week, Angelina Jolie was identified as the plaintiff who had tried to sue the FBI for their decision not to pursue abuse allegations she had made against Pitt.

The images were filed by Jolie to the FBI as part of an investigation into the allegations of abuse by Pitt (FBI Doc/Page Six)

According to documents obtained by Rolling Stone and Puck, Jolie detailed to an FBI agent that Pitt “physically and verbally assaulted” her and their child in an incident on a private jet in 2016.

But the agent decided not to pursue criminal charges after meeting with the assistant US attorney, and Pitt was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The report into the allegations said: “It was agreed by all parties that criminal charges in this case would not be pursued due to several factors.”

This led Jolie to anonymously file for a Freedom of Information Act suit against the FBI in April in order to obtain the documents relating to the case.

She complained about a lack of transparency regarding why the investigation was closed, according to Puck.

Pitt has always denied the allegations.

When Jolie filed for divorce on 19 September, she listed the date of separation as September 15, the day after the alleged jet incident.

Since their divorce, the Hollywood stars have been involved in several court cases, including a lengthy battle over custody of their six children.

Last year, Pitt was granted joint custody of five of his six children.

A source close to Pitt has claimed that Jolie leaked the FBI documents surrounding the case in order to “inflict pain” on her ex-husband.

Meanwhile, sources told TMZ  that they believe she only filed the lawsuit against the FBI in order to bring up the allegations against him once more, and that she in fact already had access to the information she was requesting.

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