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07th Mar 2021

Peter Shilton in bizarre rant at Harry and Meghan

Simon Lloyd

She’s not gonna knight u mate

Well, Harry and Meghan, you’ve *really* gone and done it now. The Oprah interview’s not even been on the telly yet, and not only have you managed to piss off two or three newspapers – the ones you were always going to piss off  – but you’ve now got Peter Leslie Shilton OBE on your case.

Having made it known earlier in the week that he is pretty livid at the constant interviews(?) and showbiz lifestyle the couple have been living since stepping down from royal duties, Shilts has again taken to Twitter to pledge his support for Harry’s nan.

“I think Harry & Meghan are about to feel the wrath of our nation,” he tweets, even adding a union jack emoji in, just to make it even more clear where his loyalties lie (#patriotism). “Many Brits and our British press will want to defend and protect our Queen, I think thousands will stand united behind our sovereign.”

There’s a lot of questions we’d like to ask here. What, for example, is Pete expecting many Brits and our British press to defend and protect our Queen from?

Also: what, in his mind, does the wrath of the nation look like? Like, what does he actually expect to happen now for full wrath to be achieved? Lock them in a cell and blast re-runs of every single Last Night of the Proms there’s ever been at them until they get back onside? Melt down a spitfire, hold them down and inject it into their veins until they feel considerably more British?

Just calm down pal. Seriously. Not like they punched a catchable ball over your head and got away with it, is it?