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29th Nov 2023

Nostradamus predictions for 2024 are absolutely devastating

Nina McLaughlin

Next year is close, but it seems it may not bring good news

For those who don’t know, Nostradamus is known as one of history’s most famous seers and astrologers.

In 1555, he released a book titled Les Propheties in which he detailed his predictions for the future.

The Frenchman has been fairly bob on so far, with his 2023 prophecy being fairly telling of the cost of living crisis.

“So high will the bushel of wheat rise / That man will be eating his fellow man,” he wrote in regards to this year.

However, what does next year hold in the eyes of Nostradamus?

The seer claimed: “The dry earth will grow more parched and there will be great floods.”

In the age of global warming, this seems to be an eery prediction. He added that a “very great famine through pestiferous wave” would also hit in 2024.

“Red adversary will become pale with fear / Putting the great Ocean in dread,” Nostradamus also said.

This has been interpreted to mean confrontation with China. The superpower has the largest navy in the world, so the fear of “putting the great Ocean in dread” has some substance behind it.

Mario Reading, who is known for his work on Nostradamus, also interpreted some of the seer’s quatrains to be about King Charles.

The “King of the Isles” is mentioned in one section, but he is ‘driven out by force’ as a result of ‘persistent attacks on both himself and his second wife’.

The King is then replaced by ‘one who will have no mark of a king.’

With all the drama going on in and around the Royal Family, this might be one to keep an eye on!