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04th Feb 2022

‘No one should ever be cold’ – Alison Hammond demands free heating for most in need

Danny Jones

Alison Hammond demands free heating for those in need

Not everyone agreed with her advice

Alison Hammond has called for free heating for those in-need and low-income houses amidst the energy price hike announced on Thursday.

Speaking during an energy bill crisis segment on Friday’s episode of This Morning, the 46-year-old presenter was discussing the looming prospect of a year where families have to choose between paying the bills and being cold.

Deliberating with co-host Dermot O’Leary and regular guest Gyles Brandreth, the discussion moved to the £350 in aid announced by Rishi Sunak, saying that what is effectively a loan isn’t good enough.

“People can’t pay it back, there should be something where you get it for free, it’s as simple as that”, she said, joking that she should be prime minister before declaring that “no one should be paying anything back and no one should be cold.”

As you can see in the clip above, Gyles goes on to discuss ‘greener measures’ being part of the incoming energy expense, adding that the ‘Bank of England say people’s incomes will fall in real terms by about two per cent this year with this business and inflation as well, so what is the answer?’

Not even willing to get into the intricacies of why people are soon to be hit with annual energy bills of around £2,000, Alison Hammond quickly replied: “I’ve got the answer: put your heating on, keep nice and warm. No one’s gonna put us all in prison – put your heating on, if you can’t pay, you can’t pay, that’s what I say”.

While plenty online applauded her for her take on the crisis – quipping things like ” I love Alison Hammond, That is all.” and “Comrade Hammond?” – others labelled her comments as “stupid and irresponsible”:

Another person wrote: “Whilst I appreciate Alison’s advise not to pay your energy bill if you can’t afford it, when they cut you off, you are no longer laughing. #thismorning,”.

For those of you worried about what might be going on with your gas and leccy bills, here is a quick explainer on the current energy price hike and what you can do about it:

While we most certainly applaud her for her compassionate sentiment, we obviously urge everyone to keep paying their bills.

Hammond also announced that she would be leaving ITV to work on other projects in the near future.

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