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18th Oct 2021

Nigel ‘officially extinct’ as a baby name as no babies registered in 2020

Charlie Herbert

No babies called Nigel in 2020

A sad time for Mansell, Havers and Slater

The name Nigel is “officially extinct” as a baby name according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which did not record a single child being given the name in 2020.

This sad Nigel news comes as the ONS releases its full 2020 baby names data, which also revealed that the name Carol is “extinct” too.

There is a slim chance that two young Nigels and Carols may have been born last year though, as the ONS only records a name if three or more children are called that name, for data protection purposes.

In terms of the most popular names, Oliver and Olivia have held on to their titles as the most used names for boys and girls in England and Wales. It is the fifth consecutive year that these have been the most popular names for each sex.

A number of other names are edging ever-closer to extinction as well. There were just eight Stuarts and eight Trevors born in 2020, with only seven Gordons entering the world too.

For girls, Sallys and Susans are in trouble with just 17 and 13 babies being named each, respectively. It’s a concerning time for Janices as well, as only four baby girls were given that name last year.

Meanwhile, Garys remain at risk with just 10 boys being given the name last year – but it looks like while they’re clinging on, it’s Nigels that we may be saying goodbye to first.

So savour the Nigel in your life while you can because their numbers are dwindling.

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