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28th Jan 2022

New Highway Code rule means you should change how you listen to music in car from today

Charlie Herbert

Highway Code changes could change how you listen to music whilst driving

Trying to find that perfect song could cost you hundreds of pounds

Changes are being made to the Highway Code that will force drivers to think about how they listen to music when driving.

Nowadays, many of us will use our phones to listen to music whilst driving, using streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

And whilst using your phone behind the wheel has been illegal since 2003, you may have been guilty in the past of reaching down to skip a track on your phone.

Well, this could now land you with a hefty fine.

If drivers are caught changing a song whilst driving, or using their phone in any way whilst driving, they risk an immediate £200 fine.

It’s part of a number of changes being made to the Highway Code in the coming days.

Andrew Marshall, from finance company CarMoney, told the Manchester Evening News: “More and more drivers are being caught out on the roads by unexpected fines. The new changes to the Highway Code will place more responsibility on road users and it will be a criminal offence to disobey them.

“More publicised offences, such as making phone calls whilst driving, are already deemed unacceptable in our society but simple things such as throwing a cigarette out of a window are what we see on journeys every day, and often without consequence.

“We are reminding road users to be considerate of other road users and obey driving laws for their own safety and the safety of others whilst travelling.”

It is the responsibility of drivers to keep up to date with any changes to the Highway Code and simply not knowing about a rule will not stop you getting a fine or points on your license.

Other changes coming into force include the creation of a new hierarchy on the roads, giving more responsibility to those on the road who can do the most harm to others.

This means that drivers will need to give more priority and consideration to cyclists and pedestrians.

There are some more minor rules coming into action as well but these can still land you with an unpleasant fine.

Stopping beyond the white line at traffic lights could result in a £100 fine or even three penalty points and chucking your cigarette out the window could see you hit with a fine between £50 and £100.

And don’t ignore the cleanliness of your number plate, either. If it’s so dirty that it becomes obscured then you could be fined up to £1,000.

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