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19th Jul 2023

Netflix has just added the best superhero movie of all time

Rory Cashin

Netflix has just added the best superhero movie of all time, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

It is also one of the most rewatchable superhero movies of all time

When it comes to what might be the best superhero movie ever made, there are really only a handful of potential movies up for that title.

You could see The Dark Knight, or Superman, or Black Panther, or Avengers: Infinity War or… well, we could go on for quite a while.

However, in our humble opinion, the movie that really deserves the title is Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. The 2018 movie kind of came out of nowhere to completely blow us all away with its eye-popping visuals, brilliant performances, endlessly inventive action sequences, killer soundtrack and properly hilarious screenplay.

From a $90 million budget, it made over $384 million at the global box office, which was good enough to warrant this year’s brilliant sequel, Across The Spiderverse.

For that movie, we interviewed Jake Johnson – who voices one of the Peter Parker variants – who was also in Into The Spiderverse. You can check out that chat in full right here.

Upon release, Into The Spiderverse scored a whopping 97% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes – which is higher than Black Panther (96%), Superman (94%), The Dark Knight (94%) and Infinity War (85%) – and won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars that year, being the first non-Pixar/Disney movie to win that award since 2011.

We could go into the full stream of positive critical responses, but we think this quote from The Wall Street Journal‘s review covers it perfectly:

“There’s never been anything like this animated exaltation of the Spider-Man canon. The animation is glorious, and more faithful to its comic-book roots than any big-screen graphics in the past. The story is deliciously witty and preposterously complex, but perfectly comprehensible, whether or not you have studied quantum physics. The scale feels vast, yet the spirit is joyous. It’s as if everyone had set out to make the best Spider-Man movie ever, which is exactly what they’ve done.”

Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse is available to watch on Netflix right now, while Across The Spiderverse is still in select cinemas across the country.

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