Nadine Dorries has just dropped a rap about internet safety. You won't want to miss it 1 month ago

Nadine Dorries has just dropped a rap about internet safety. You won't want to miss it

The Secretary of State for digital, culture, media and sport drops some bars... then the mic

Nadine Dorries has outdone herself with her latest attempt to connect with youth culture, with a rap on "improving online safety" that ends with a mic drop.


The Secretary of State for digital, culture, media, and sport, who was severely rinsed last month over another TikTok appearance, released her latest hit Thursday, which eases listeners in with, "this is how we're improving online safety", before the background music kicks in and Dorries drops some bars.

"The UK is passing some new legislation... to make the internet safer for the younger generation," the MP spits in the video that has clocked up around 7500 views by Friday morning.

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The rap continues: "It's effectively a framework to protect internet users, from scams, illegal content, and anonymous abusers. It will force big tech from having their terms being breached and puts in measures to defend free speech."

Dorries then pauses to ask, "but is it true it will end freedom of expression?", before she drops one of her best lines: "No, we put in legal protections in the 19th section."

Dorries goes on to say the government is passing new laws to tackle online crime and cyberflashing and that if companies fail to comply with the law and fail to protect "the user they're responsible for, the regulator Ofcom will have the power to fine, so platforms must keep people safe online."


The video ends with Dorries dropping the mic.

While most of the comments concerned recent decisions made by the Conservatives, one watcher was rather complimentary to Dorries, which she rather enjoyed.

Dorries was ridiculed last month after appearing in a TikTok made by fellow Tory, Dr Luke Evans, and getting confused about internet terminology.


It did not go well.

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