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05th Dec 2023

Mum shares incredible hack for de-icing car windows in seconds

Joseph Loftus

The nights are getting colder

I don’t know about you folks but I swear this winter is hitting harder than every other winter combined.

Everything’s dark and gloomy and frozen and frosted and I can’t even feel my fingertips as I’m typing this out. Every morning the cars are frozen over with icy windshields that are harder than the Enigma code to crack.

Even with the fanciest of sprays and ice scrapers, it’s a shivery chore trying to get your car ready to hit the road.

That is until now as one woman has just shared the hack of the season with a brand new way to de-ice your windshield in mere seconds.

Take your average plastic carrier bag, fill it with lukewarm water, and run it across your windshield and voila! That’s it. That’s the hack.

Check out the viral video below:

While the hack has proved to be an absolute game-changer for many early morning motorists, make sure you’re using lukewarm water and not piping hot water, as one expert has warned that using hot water can be a recipe for disaster.

Graham Conway, Managing Director of Select Car Leasing, explained: “Putting warm water – as opposed to boiling hot water – into a sandwich bag before sealing it and dragging the bag slowly across the face of the window is a relatively safe hack.

“But if you make the mistake of using red-hot water, you’re asking for trouble. Just like pouring boiling water directly onto a windscreen, the rapid change in extreme temperatures could cause the glass to crack.”

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