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04th Dec 2023

Brits warned of ‘ice rink Monday’ as ‘treacherous conditions’ hit UK

Charlie Herbert

ice rink monday

Weather warnings are in place

Motorists in the UK have been warned about ‘ice rink Monday’ as snow refreezes overnight in large areas across the country.

The RAC has warned about the conditions drivers will face this morning (December 4) whilst the Met Office has also issued yellow weather warnings for much of the north of England.

Along with ice warnings, there are snow weather warnings in place for higher parts of Wales and the Peak District, as well as for both snow and ice in eastern Scotland.

For several days, the UK has been plunged into freezing temperatures, with disruption caused by snow in many places.

RAC breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said northern parts of the UK would experience “treacherous icy conditions,” and urged drivers to take care when travelling, the BBC reports.

He said: “Those who decide to drive should leave extra space behind the vehicle in front, reduce their speeds to give plenty of time to stop.

“Before setting out, it’s important to allow more time to de-ice and de-mist vehicles thoroughly.”

The Met Office has put a warning for ice in the north of England in place until midday on Monday, explaining that snow melting had led to wet surfaces which had then refrozen overnight.

And there could be heavy snowfall still to come in some places, with 2-5cm potentially falling on roads “above 150m” in Wales and the Peak District.

Met Office chief meteorologist Jason Kelly said: “The first Atlantic air mass for a while is making some inroads across southern and central parts of the country bringing less cold conditions to many southern areas, whilst the cold air mass continues to hold on in the north.

“Where these two air masses meet is the focus for continuing ice risk. For parts of northeast Scotland, wintry showers will bring some icy conditions overnight, as well as some accumulating snow inland.”

On Saturday, temperatures plummeted overnight to the coldest they had been since last winter. In Altnaharra in the Highland region of northern Scotland, the mercury dropped to -12.5C, and heavy snowfall led to some 7,000 homes losing power in Cumbria.

An amber health alert for cold weather has been issued by the UK Health Security Agency for five central and northern regions in England. This is in place until Tuesday.

The agency said: “Cold weather impacts are likely to be felt across the whole health service for an extended period of time, with potential for the whole population to be at risk.”

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