'Monster' alligator videoed roaming residential area looking for a date 2 months ago

'Monster' alligator videoed roaming residential area looking for a date

Florida seems lit

An alligator dubbed "monster dinosaur" was videoed taking a stroll, with experts believing that he was on the hunt for a date.


Spotted on Easter Sunday in the sunshine state of Florida, the alligator is said to have wandered the Venice neighbourhood before returning to the nearby lake. Sadly, no female gator was seen.

The impressive video was posted on Facebook by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, who wrote: "We’re guessing he was about 10 feet in length and boy, did he take his time making it back to the lake he came from."


He was spotted two days later crossing the street, with the police warning: "WALKERS BEWARE!"

"He’s currently in the drainage ditch nearby so please use caution when around this area," they added.

Frank Robb, also known as Alligator Robb, emphasised that "They aren't looking to hurt you", but it's obviously best to stay out of the way.

"There are a lot of better things to worry about then having a bad interaction with an alligator," he added.


He told USA Today that gators often talk a walk to regulate their body temperature or look for food. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligator courtship begins in April.

Via Facebook Via Facebook

Mating begins in May and June, and then the female gators lay 32 to 46 eggs later that month or in July.


"It's the florida swamp cat!" one Facebook user commented. "On the move for mating season! What a sight to see. Florida native here but I'll always enjoy seeing these dinosaurs."

Another wrote: "Nothing to see here, just a dinosaur roaming the planet!"

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