12-foot alligator found in newly built home ahead of open house 4 months ago

12-foot alligator found in newly built home ahead of open house

The gator had taken a look around the property before settling in the master suite

Entering the property market can be pretty scary.


It's even more terrifying when you open the door to a 12-foot alligator.

That's exactly what happened in Florida when a worker putting the finishing touches on a new Fort Myers-area home this month discovered the reptile loitering in the master bedroom, the Miami Herald reports.

The window blind installer luckily spotted the gator before it spotted him, and hastily called trappers to remove it.


Video taken at the residence in Babcock Ranch — where houses fetch upwards of $1.5 (£1.1m) million apiece — shows two men straining to yank the alligator out of the property with a rope.

The agitated gator can be seen rolling over several times during the struggle before finally being removed.

Project manager Matthew Goodwin told McClatchy News that the alligator was probably looking for someplace warm following a stretch of cold weather in the area and had become trapped.

Goodwin said the reptile sampled every nook and cranny of the home, before choosing the master suite: “He went into every room and his mark,” Goodwin told the publication.


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