Hunter kills 13ft monster alligator as it 'Threatens Livestock' 6 months ago

Hunter kills 13ft monster alligator as it 'Threatens Livestock'

The Alligator had lived in the area for decades

A hunter in the US has killed a gargantuan 80-year-old alligator that had been "threatening local livestock" in his local area.


Dough Borries, native to the Alligator home-town Mississippi, is no slouch when it comes to hunting, stacking up nine world records in both hunting and fishing.

The Alligator had inhabited the area for generations, and Borries actually found out about it through a friend who had seen it since he was a kid.


The Alligator had allegedly killed some calves, so Borries' friend asked him to hunt it.

"This guy said he'd seen the gator since he was a child. It was time for the gator to go because some of the calves were disappearing," Borries told WWXV25 news.

He continued: "So, he was down deer hunting with me, and he asked me if I wanted to come and hunt the gator."

hg The Gator measured at 13-foot/Via Dynamic Outdoors TV

"To me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity," he added, which is rather ironic given that the Alligator only had one life.

The dynamic hunting duo tracked the animal to a private lake in Okeechobee County. Armed with an STW rifle, Borries shot the 905lbs creature from around 500 yards.

Borries has since shared images of the dinosaur on his hunting Facebook page, Dynamic Outdoors TV.


He told McClatchy News: "I had no idea the magnitude of how big his body was until we pulled him completely out of the lake.

"It had been suspected of eating some of the local livestock around the lake and was considered a threat."

Dynamic Outdoors TV The creature was allegedly threatening livestock numbers/ Via Dynamic Outdoors TV

Reports suggest that the Alligator was stripped of meat for processed food and its head was then mounted on Borries' wall.


As expected, the internet is divided.

One user said: "So sad that a hunter killed an 80 year old animal so sick of these men killing beautiful animals he could've been brought to a rescue or zoo no man thinks immediately of killing Steve Irwin would've been devastated."

In response, Borries explained that the animal, which authorities had left for 80-years, was a danger to animals and humans. He attached a video of an unrelated incident, of a captive gator attacking a kid at his birthday party.

He explained: "Just a little reminder of the power of this "LITTLE TINY" Alligator at the children's birthday party... Can you image the power of this one at over 13 feet and almost 1000 pounds!"