Megan Rapinoe threatens Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson with legal action 2 months ago

Megan Rapinoe threatens Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson with legal action

The Rock is yet to respond

Soccer champion Megan Rapinoe is threatening The Rock with legal action over the logo for his latest American football league venture.


Essentially, the US Women’s National Team winger believes that the branding for XFL, a football league recently purchased by Johnson, 49, and WWE legend Vince McMahon, 76, is similar to a company she owns alongside her wife.

Togethxr, which aims to champion women and youth culture, is also owned by footballer Alex Morgan, snowboarder Chloe Kim and swimmer Simone Mauel.



Rapinoe, 36, posted to Twitter: “Welp. This is awkward. Only thing @TheRock and @XFL2023 are gonna be cookin up is a response to the Cease and Desist and an ENTIRE new brand ID. @togethxr got this on [lock] boys.”

The visual branding is arguably very similar, as is the worded branding on social media that almost looks like it has been copied and pasted. Awkward for sure.


Bird also posted to Twitter, writing instead: “Well doesn’t that look familiar.”

A statement from Togethxr reads: “Togethxr and its co-founders have worked tremendously hard to build a platform that uplifts women in sports and culture,


“We will continue to protect the important work we’re doing.”


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On Instagram, they said: “Too often the work and creativity of women is overlooked and undervalued,

“Diversity and equality are the norm around here. We’re thrilled to see the XFL embrace inclusivity, but this rebrand ain’t it.”

Neither Johnson nor McMahon have responded to the allegations at the time of writing.

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