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07th Feb 2024

McDonald’s beloved breakfast wrap returns today

Nina McLaughlin

An all-time favourite has made its return

The Breakfast Wrap has come back to McDonald’s.

It was originally axed back in 2020, much to fans’ dismay.

However, it has finally made its a comeback and returned to outlets today, alongside a host of other new menu items.

Originally, the Breakfast Wrap came with a folded egg inside, but this time it will feature two regular free-range round eggs inside.

Everything else about the recipe remains the same, though, as the bacon, sausage patty, cheese slice and potato rosti remain.

Fans had petitioned for the return of the beloved item for a long time, and it seems their prayers have finally been answered.

“I will remember where I was and what I was doing when I received this news,” one person joked after hearing it was making a comeback.

A second said: “Just found out McDonald’s is bringing back their breakfast wrap…what a great Monday.”

While a third put: “I’m actually in tears.”

McDonald’s is making a host of other menu changes today

Aside from the breakfast wrap, fans are excited to try out other items coming to the outlet.

The McSpicy x Frank’s Red Hot Sauce burger is making its debut, and the Big Tasty, the Big Tasty with Bacon, Mozzarella Dippers and the Mozzarella Dippers Sharebox are all making a return to stores.

In terms of desserts, Maccies is going pink for Valentine’s Day.

They have introduced a KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry, a KitKat McFlurry and a Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie for all the sweet lovers out there.