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04th Dec 2021

Maskless London commuters fined over £30k in just one day

Danny Jones

Maskless commuters fined

A total of £30,400 in fines were issued in less than hours

Maskless commuters have been slapped with heavy fines for failing to wear a face-covering on public transport after they once again became mandatory on Tuesday.

As per ITV, Transport for London (TfL) has revealed that a total of 152 fines were handed out on November 30th, each costing the recipient £200, meaning that £30,400 had to be forked out fines in merely one day of commuting.

TfL went on to add that some 125 passengers were asked to leave their public transport services, with 127 being prevented from boarding entering a station and more than 5,000 people reminded to put on their masks.

Compulsory masks

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union general secretary Mick Lynch has urged the UK government to provide more resources for transport staff and insists that more enforcement is needed to properly police the use of face coverings.

At present, the concern is that transport workers on railways, tube lines, trams and buses across the country are left with the difficult task of trying to make sure everyone sticks with current Covid guidance, as well as having to deal with angry passengers who are unwilling to conform.

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