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18th Jun 2023

Man tracked down and killed son’s paedophile abuser live on TV

Charlie Herbert

From just three feet away, he shot his son’s abuser in the head – live on TV

In February 1984, Gary Plauché’s 11-year-old son, Jody, was abducted by his karate teacher.

Jeffrey Doucet drove Jody from Louisiana to a motel in California, where he raped and abused him.

Eventually he was caught after allowing Jody to make a collect call to his mum, sparking a police raid on the motel.

The 11-year-old was returned to his family, and Doucet was flown into Baton Rouge Airport, where he was escorted by police.

Along with local TV news crews and journalists, one other person was waiting for Doucet at the airport – Jody’s dad.

With his back to the cameras and disguised in a baseball cap and sunglasses, Plauché waited until Doucet was close by before stepping out and shooting the 25-year-old paedophile in the head from just three feet away.

The whole thing was caught on camera and broadcast live on television.

The father was swiftly pinned down, with one officer heard asking him: “Why, Gary, why?”

Doucet fell into a coma and died the next day. Meanwhile, Plauché spent a week in prison over the killing, ending up with a suspended sentence for manslaughter, as well as probation and community service.

Police apprehending Gary after he shot Doucet (credit: WBRZ)

Gary was widely supported by the public over the killing but Jody felt differently – and his father’s actions stayed with him for years.

Speaking to the Sun in October 2021, Jody said: “At first I was upset with what my father did because at age 11 – I just wanted Jeff to stop and not necessarily dead.

“I think for a lot of people who have not been satisfied by the American justice system my dad stands as a symbol of justice.

“My dad did what everybody says what they would do yet only few have done it. Plus, he didn’t go to jail.

“That said, I can not and will not condone his behaviour. I understand why he did what he did, but it is more important for a parent to be there to help support their child than put themselves in a place to be prosecuted.”

Plauché always insisted he had no regrets about killing Doucet but his actions caused a split between the father and son, with Jody saying it “took a few months before things got back to normal.”

[caption id="attachment_314100" align="alignnone" width="966"] Jody Plauché has since written a memoir about his experience, titled ‘Why Gary Why’ (credit: WRBZ)

He said his father “regrets the whole thing happened but he never regretted his action.”

Jody continued: “Being Catholic I believe having taken a human life, his first thoughts were that he was going to hell… and he was OK with that.

“But the local priest washed his feet and gave his absolution and forgiveness from God so I think that helped him mentally deal with the event.”

Plauché passed away in 2014 from a stroke. Jody has since written a book, titled Why Gary Why, about his experience and hopes it will help other victims of abuse

He said: “The most important thing is to seek out the proper support. With the proper support you can work through it.

“Unfortunately, most people’s support systems are friends and family… and most of them are terrible at providing the emotional support a sexual abuse victim faces.”

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