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27th May 2022

Love Island star’s mum goes missing with schoolgirl sparking urgent police search

Kieran Galpin


Anyone with information has been asked to call 999 immediately, quoting incident number 292

Police have launched an urgent appeal after the mum of a Love Island star disappeared alongside an eight-year-old.

Darcy Shea, 8, went missing from her primary school in Blackpool this morning (May 27) and hasn’t been seen since. Police fear that 60-year-old Jane Prior could have taken her. Prior’s daughter, Kendall Rae Knight, 30, appeared on Love Island back in 2018.

“While there is no suggestion that Darcy is at any immediate risk we are growing more and more concerned about her welfare as time goes on,” said Lancashire Police’s Becky Smith. “Jane Prior and Darcy are known to one another but Jane did not have permission to take her from the school and we need to find them both as soon as we can.”

Lancashire Constabulary

She continued: “I would appeal to anyone who saw anything suspicious at the school this morning or who sees Darcy in company with an older woman to get in touch immediately.

“Please can anyone in a park or open space or at an amusement park please keep their eyes open. Jane , please get in touch with us.

Kendall appeared on the show in 2018/Via Instagram

“It is obvious that you care for Darcy but as time goes on her family are understandably becoming increasingly concerned and as a mother I would urge you to make contact with us urgently and return Darcy as she too will be confused.

Lancashire Constabulary

“Whatever the reasons are that have led to this incident today, we will listen to you and look to give you any support that you need.

“I have specially trained officers ready to take your call now so please call us on 07929 764987.”

Anyone with information has been asked to call 999 immediately, quoting incident number 292.

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